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There we go, I got it all down. Theo’s the one who came up with the pseudonym, “Theo Pichunter”. And he is indeed a genius, who knows a lot about marketing and customer success. But what about his real life? Is he happy? Does he have any kids? Is he married?’ No one will ever know for sure, but we can assume that he’s doing well and smiling happily at some point in his life. These are the questions that keep coming to my mind as this article goes on – so far! – but they won’t be answered until after the fact. Cpl Roxton asked me if there was anything I could help Theo with when he needed it most. The answer is YES! And while it may seem like a small request, Theo needs much more than just another fiver-an-a-day Marketing Book. A little advise can go a long way in getting him back into work, right? Here are some things you might not know about marketing and customer success that would do you good:

Marketing is Bigger than You Think – What does that mean?

Well, it’s not really about how big the event is, but how big the event is penetrating the cultural, historical, and contemporary margins. How does that make you feel? For most of us, it will be about how big the event is in our own little lifecycle. We are all going to different parts of the globe, with different cultural, climatic, and economic environments. But don’t worry – we are in it together! Yes, there will be people in the audience, but there are also going to be those who will be there for a reason. It would be remiss if we didn’t take a look at how big the event is, so that we can look forward to the day when we are not only part of it, but feel a part of it, too.

Marketing doesn’t have to be boring – It’s never too late to do something fun!

There are many marketing strategies that come with a lot of hype, but few that are actually usefull. Sometimes, the strategy is just too simple and aspirational, and it fails to capture the reader’s attention. A good example of this is referred to as a ‘wasting disease’. A wasting disease is one where no one knows where to start. A good example of this is that of the marketing of health and beauty products. The marketing of beauty products is often built around the idea that they are ‘enjoyable’, while ignoring the fact that they are rarely ‘pleasing’ to the eye or the stomach.

Customer Service is Magic – Ask anyone who knows and they will tell you that.

Customer service is what it is. It’s not a job, it’s not an occupation, it’s something you will naturally want to be a part of. It’s what you do for a living, so why the hell not spend a little bit of your time helping people when they need it most? When you receive a call from a friend you have been friends with for years, go to the phone number and leave a message. When you receive a text message from someone you have known for years, leave a message. When you meet with a client, leave a message. When you do something social, like go to a party, leave a message. If you have a habit of doing this, you are probably doing something wrong.

The 5 love languages of marketing – What does it mean to you?

When you meet with someone you have known for years, or you receive a message from someone you have known for years, it is natural to feel something. It could be a mixture of emotions based on how you have seen and heard the person, or it could be just that the person has always been there for you. Either way, the thought of not giving a single moment’s attention to someone else is a little too much to take in at first. Try to encourage those feelings as much as possible by saying “I know you always have been there for me, and I always will be there for you”. If you do this a couple of times a week, your friendships will be fathered for years to come!

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