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We are a family of believers, and we’re also an organization called the Rob Rainers Foundation. That’s what we do to help kids who are talented at performing arts, sports, or any other musical or drama effort. Recently, we helped launch a new project: The Broadway Kids Concert Series. These concerts are for ages 3-12 years old each fall and spring. They’re great for learning about music and theater as well as building listening skills with age-appropriate instruments. If you’re interested in being a part of this growing program, check out our audition schedule and learn more here (available on As always, thanks for listening!

What is a Broadway Kids Concert?

A Broadway Kids concert is a series of free concerts celebrating all the various Broadway musicals, plays, and musicals from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. The first two generations of American families (the Baby Boomers and the Baby Hillbillies) led the way with their performing arts. The Baby Boomers led the way with rock and roll, children’s television, and the first pop concerts. The Hillbillies were the foundation of American popular music. They wrote, produced, and performed classics like “Singing in the Dark,” “Big River,” and “Let me Live.”

How to attend a Broadway Kids Concert?

If you’re looking for concerts near you, head to your area area’s Broadway office and ask for a Broadway Kids concert schedule. You can also find them online, at your neighborhood public library, or in a Broadway Kids concert guide. You can also get in touch with your local Broadway office to find out if they have a local show. If they do, request it be listed on their calendar.

Arrive early for the best seats!

If you’re looking for the best seats, we suggest that you catch a show before it’s scheduled to open. The Broadway Kids concerts are generally between 7-9pm, and you should be able to get in before then if you’re lucky. Remember: Always arrive an hour or so before your show is scheduled to start to get a good seat.

Learn more about the show you’re attending by listening to our free app

If you’re interested in the show you’re attending but don’t have access to the Broadway office, you can still get in touch with your local office if you want to check out a local show. You can also use the BroadwayKidsecourses app to get the details on upcoming shows, concerts, and more. Just make sure to give it a read before heading out.

Don’t forget your wallet!

If you want to stay in the know about upcoming Broadway shows and events, we highly recommend the free Broadway Kid’sclair newsletter. It’s filled with insider information about upcoming plays, concerts, and shows and it’s updated daily. You can also sign up for the BroadwayKidline email subscription to get the latest updates on recent Broadway shows, trends, and events.

Wrap up watching with a high five from one of your children!

Congratulations! You’re one step closer to becoming a Broadway Kid. The high five is the ultimate Broadway sign of respect. If you’re at a show and someone on your side starts high-fiveing you, that’s an indication that they enjoy the experience and are having a good time. If the person high-fiveing you is not enjoying themselves, then they likely won’t be around much longer. If you’re looking for a high five from one of your kids, our free app lets you track who you’re high-fiveing and what they’re saying. You can also use the app to request high-fives for your own parties, events, and more.

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