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It is impossible to have enough football เว็บแทงบอล stories. The most fascinating ones are those in which you win big money and are surprised by how it happened. For instance, Leicester City shocked everyone by winning the PL last season despite having 5,000-1 odds. However, you don’t have to be a big fan of this football team to find an interesting story. Just read on and discover the truth behind these unlikely stories.

If you are a keen punter, you can even start your own. Despite the risk, the Humble Beast’s win is one to tell the tale. In May 2001, the “Humble Beast” won PS 575,000 while betting on the NBA. A few months later, in Week seven of the NFL, Jerry backed the Eagles and the Giants. Carson Wentz’s first touchdown gave the Eagles the lead, but Sterling Brown’s TD made it 11 points. While it was not a sure thing, he won anyway, thanks to his football skills.

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English First Division

In June 2001, a UK punter won PS 500,000 after placing a 30p bet on a football match. The odds were 1.6 million to one. The win was considered the biggest ever in Africa and was the first time a betting shop was allowed to open on public streets. The English First Division clubs believed that the game needed radical restructuring and so on the 27th of May 1992, the Premier League was established as a limited company.

The Premier League originally consisted of 22 professional teams, but was reduced to 20 by the 1994/95 season. There are also many football betting stories in which people have won big. For example, a woman in Kent, England won PS 575,000 from betting on 12 different teams! Although she claimed no knowledge of football, she won the jackpot with random guesses. Several years later, she became the first Kenyan to earn over half a million pounds from football. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to know about the history of football betting and how it has influenced the sport.

An English woman

A UK punter named Charles McNeil won PS500,000 by placing a thirty-pound bet on a football match. His win came at the cost of 50% tax on gambling winnings in Kenya. His success made him famous and helped him become a highly respected sports commentator in the United States. The same goes for a punter named Abisai. While his story is based on a true story, many other football betting stories are true.

An English woman won PS575,000 from football betting by placing 30p on each team. She claimed to have no knowledge of the game and that she’d never win the jackpot, but the results would have been similar if the girl had a little more knowledge about the sport. She also won a limo tour around the city. Her win was the largest in Kenya and the continent. It happened before the government in Kenya implemented a fifty percent tax on gambling winnings.

Complete newbie at football

Another football betting story involves a woman in the UK who won PS575,000 by placing a single 30p bet on all twelve winning teams. Despite the fact that she was a complete newbie at football, she managed to win the lottery and make a fortune. By following this advice, she will be able to win money in the future. There are many more similar football betting stories on the Internet. thop tv 45.1 0 So, read on to find out how they were able to win.

The earliest form of competitive football was played in China in 3000 BC. The history of football betting is somewhat blurred, but there is a record of a woman in the UK who won PS575,000 after placing a thirty-pence bet. She claims to have no interest in the sport, but her random guesses and her winning bets paid off. While her win is not the first, it is the biggest in Africa.


In the year 2001, a woman from Kent, England, who was betting on a football game, won a PS575,000 lottery jackpot. The odds of this win were tunai4d 1.6 million to one. The winning woman ended up a year later winning a huge PS575,000. After a month of her win, she went on a trip to California with her new husband. The story of the woman’s PS575,000 windfall was widely reported.

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