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Duvets in Australia: History and Their Importance

For many, the word “duvet” conjures up images of puffy bedding you can wrap yourself in like a burrito. But what exactly is a duvet? Where did it come from? And why do Australians call it a “doona”? As with most things in life, there’s an amusing story behind this name.

Duvets Are Said to Have Originated in Europe

A duvet is a blanket-like item used for warmth, protection and comfort. It’s also known as comforters or doonas, depending on where you live. Duvets originated in Europe, but they are now famous worldwide.

The word “duvet” comes from the French noun “doublure”, which means lining or interlining. Its earliest form consisted of two layers: one layer of fabric and another layer with small pockets sewn into it that were filled with down feathers. The two layers were then stitched together to make a thick quilt or comforter that could be used for warmth during winter.

The Australian Duvets

The Dunlop Foam Company created the first Australian-made duvet in Melbourne in 1966. This company was founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 1931 and has been producing foam mattresses since then. Their first duvet was made of cotton and polyester, with a sheet sewn to keep the down from escaping.

Duvets didn’t gain popularity until they were featured on the television show “A Country Practice”. The popular show aired from 1981 to 1993 and followed Dr James Fraser as he practised medicine in rural New South Wales. Duvets appeared on the show in 1987 when one character slept under her comforter instead of a blanket because she thought it was more comfortable. The following year, another character started wearing this down comforter (doona) around town like a cape because his wife bought him one after seeing how much he enjoyed having his duvet at home.

Australians Often Refer to a Duvets as a Doona

A doona is any type of blanket you can wrap yourself in, and it usually refers to a duvet. Australians often refer to a duvet as a doona because it was used in an advertisement for a duvet in the 1980s.

The word “doona” comes from the Aboriginal language, but its meaning has been lost over time. It could have meant something like “blanket” or even “bedding.” There is no precise explanation for it, but it might have something to do with a brand that released a duvet called a Down-a-Doona that was filled with down feathers. The name might also come from an advertisement for the product, in which a man hid the box under his bed and said: “It’s under your celebrities agen doona”.

Australians Like Calling Things by Interesting Names

The Australians are a funny bunch. They like to joke around and want to make up funny names for things. Maybe it’s because they’re so creative and innovative, or it’s their way of being different from everyone else.

Whatever the reason, Australians have come up with some pretty unique ways to describe duvets. For example: “duck down” is a term used for pillows made from duck feathers, and “quilt” means something that covers you when you sleep (like a blanket).

As you can see, the history of duvets in Australia is rich and varied. Many Australians have their memories of doonas, and they’re all different. Some people might have grown up using them, while others may only know them from television shows like “A Country Practice.” But what’s certain is that there isn’t another blanket quite like a doona. So, if you’re looking for something warm and cosy this winter season, it’s time to invest in one!

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